I am an aspiring artist and writer that has a passion for video games and designing them.  I have an unrelenting love for the media and from this has spawned many things.

Currently I am working on a Visual Novel called Pelican's Perch.  It is a story of a man traveling from Ireland to a fictional version of the Black Sea called, 'The Sea of K'or' in search of a mermaid in connection to the ones he loved and lost.  I was inspired by my love for H.P. Lovecraft's tales of madness and my fascination with the dark seas and how utterly merciless the depths can be.

My goals with 'Pelican's Perch' is to improve my artistic and writing skills.  I love story telling and I adore the characters I have created and hope this is conveyed in the game.

I also try to expand my horizons and try new things.  I am currently working to make t shirt designs to hopefully sell and wear myself.  As soon as possible I will be learning HTML coding so I might start building websites and be able to learn programming languages for game engines like Unity and Unreal.